Social Security Disability Testimonials

THE VIRGINIA STATE BAR RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT REQUIRE ALL ATTORNEYS TO MAKE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT AND DISCLAIMER TO THEIR CASE RESULTS: Settlements and verdicts in all cases depend on various factors and circumstances, which are unique to each case. Therefore, past results in cases are not a guarantee or prediction of similar results in future cases which Mr. Lutkenhaus may undertake.


Goochland Toll Collector Wins Disability for Lumbar Spine

I am 54 year old from Goochland with a terrible back situation. I could no longer work as a toll collector. I was looking for a Disability Lawyer in Virginia. I googled Mr. Lutkenhaus and I liked what I had read about him. Even though Social Security denied my claim twice, he won the hearing in front of the judge. He knows what he is doing and he does it very well. – R. Flanagan

Seven-Year Battle Proves Victorious with $75,000 in Disability Back Benefits

I was a 37-year-old bank employee, but I injured my back and could not work anymore. I ended up going through three back operations and failed to get any relief. I am still in terrible back pain and cannot even drive a car. I had a lawyer but he lost my case in front of the judge, so I contacted Jerry Lutkenhaus. He did my appeal to the Appeals Council and they sent it back to the judge for a new hearing. He denied my case again because he was the toughest judge in Richmond, VA and never awarded a disability case to someone as young as me. Lutkenhaus appealed again and this time the Appeals Council reversed the bad judge and gave me a new hearing once again. Finally, we got a fair judge. I had had another operation. Lutkenhaus and his team fought for me for over 7 years and got me $75,000.00 of back benefits.

Pharmacy Tech Found Disabled for Back Injury

I am only 28 years old and I suffered a back injury in a motor vehicle accident. Despite medical care, I developed a debilitating chronic pain condition, which has kept me housebound. I was denied Social Security Disability and another lawyer referred me to Mr. Lutkenhaus. He got me my Disability after two hearings. The judge initially thought I had a bad claim, but he proved her wrong. He shows compassion and understanding that makes a difference. I am very pleased and would recommend him to anyone for his EXCELLENT LEGAL SERVICES! – C. Satterfield

Disability for Lumbar Spine Damage

I contacted Richmond, VA Social Security Lawyer, Jerry Lutkenhaus, because my Disability claim was denied. We lost in front of the Judge in Richmond, but Lutkenhaus did not give up. He appealed the case to the Appeals Council and got a new Disability hearing. I am 63 years old with fluid on my spine, numbness in both legs, and pain radiating down my right leg. The first judge said I could do my old job as a bank manager. Lutkenhaus proved I could not do it and we won in front of the second judge. He did a WONDERFUL JOB on my case and got me three years of back benefits. – A. Lento

Lumbar Spine Fusion in Amelia

I had a lumbar fusion but still had severe back pain and could no longer work in Amelia, VA. No one would take my Disability case, but Jerry did and won. He and his paralegal kept me up to date each step of the way. I thank them very much and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.– D. Stancil

Approved in Mechanicsville for Collapsed Disc

I had a collapsed disc in my back in Mechanicsville, VA. I was in so much pain I could not even think, but the Social Security Judge did not want to accept the report of my chiropractor. Mr. Lutkenhaus is the Disability lawyer who found a way to win my case. – S. Cooke

Richmond Judge Awards Benefits for Back Injury

I had a bad back injury in Richmond, VA, but I was turned down twice for Disability. I chose Jerry Lutkenhaus because I heard he was a GOOD DISABILITY ATTORNEY. He proved it by winning my case! – R. Locksley

Disability for a Bad Back in Williamsburg

I have bad back and couldn't get Disability in Williamsburg, VA. You can rest assured when Mr. Lutkenhaus is your Social Security attorney. I recommend him to friends and relatives. – W. Dyson

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24-Year-Old Approved by Toughest Judge in Richmond for Brain Tumor

I have a brain tumor and I am only 24 years old. Due to my age, Social Security denied my claim for disability. Mr. Lutkenhaus worked with my doctors from Duke University and MCV. My hearing was in front of the Richmond Judge who denies almost all disability cases, but Mr. Lutkenhaus proved I was disabled. – H. Hinspater

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Disability in Petersburg due to Diabetes

I live in Petersburg, VA and have crippling diabetes. I had to get most of my toes amputated, so I couldn’t walk. I was denied Disability until Lutkenhaus took my case. He convinced the judge I could not work and won my case. – O. Bond

Chesterfield Lady Wins Hearing for Diabetes and Knee Problems

After working all my life in Chesterfield, VA, I became disabled due to diabetes and knee problems. It was a long, rough road, but Jerry got my disability. I could not have done it without him. I was VERY PLEASED with the services from you and your staff. I really think your assistant, Rose, was a great help to me. – D. Hawkes

Petersburg Woman Approved for Benefits for Diabetes

I became disabled due to diabetes and other conditions. My case was denied by Social Security. I had heard Jerry was a good Disability attorney and he got me RESULTS. – L. Bollin

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Epileptic Gets Disability in Nottoway

I live in Nottoway County, Virginia and suffer from epilepsy. He believed in my Disability case even though it had been denied. He won at the hearing and got me the benefits I deserve. – Albert Moore

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Hopewell Woman’s Back Injury Developed into Debilitating Fibromyalgia

I had a back injury and then Fibromyalgia set in and I could no longer do my job in Hopewell, VA. Jerry Lutkenhaus took my Disability case when others turned it down and won it in front of the Social Security Judge. – L. Santiago

Reversal in U.S. District Court Awards 4 Years of Back Benefits

My Social Security Disability case was a nightmare. The judge denied my Fibromyalgia claim twice. Mr. Lutkenhaus got a reversal in U.S. District Court and got me four years of back benefits. – Vanderpool

Goochland man Wins at New Trial after U.S. District Court

I am homebound in Goochland, VA and unable to work due to debilitating Fibromyalgia. Mr. Lutkenhaus took over my case after the prior attorney had lost before the Social Security Judge. He did a wonderful job getting a reversal in U.S. District Court and winning at the new trial. – S. Nuckols

Amelia Lady Relieved after Disability Approval for Fibromyalgia

I have Fibromyalgia and my Disability claim was denied in Amelia, VA. They said I could not get disability due to Fibromyalgia, but Mr. Lutkenhaus proved them wrong. He was very positive and experienced. I think everyone should know the good job he does. – D. Ebright

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Approved for Benefits in Goochland after Heart Attack

I chose Jerry Lutkenhaus because of his many years of experience. He did a great job for me and won my disability case after my heart attack in Goochland, VA. – M. Sears

Disability in Petersburg for Congestive Heart Failure

I live in Petersburg, VA and my Disability claim for congestive heart failure was denied. I contacted Jerry Lutkenhaus because I heard he was VERY GOOD. He and his paralegal Rose worked with my doctors to show I was no longer able to work. He proved my disability before the Judge. Everything turned out great! – Bobby Adams

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Disability in Chester due to Kidney Failure

I have kidney failure in Chester, VA but Social Security denied my disability claim twice. I heard Jerry was a great lawyer and I took my case to him. He took my case to court and persuaded the Judge that I was disabled. I consider him to be a GREAT LAWYER and I am referring him all my friends. – L. Goswich

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Mechanicsville Laborer Wins Disability

I could barely walk due to bilateral knee problems. I was denied Social Security Disability, so I contacted Mr. Lutkenhaus. I had seen his ad, so I knew he was highly experienced. He had a very positive attitude that he would win the case, and win he did. I think everyone should know what a GOOD JOB he does. – M. Ebright

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Customer Service Rep Wins Richmond Hearing for Bad Neck

I was a customer service rep and suffered a neck injury that resulted in multiple cervical spine operations. I went to Mr. Lutkenhaus because I was told he was one of the best disability lawyers in Richmond. He and his staff were very patient with me because I did not understand the Disability process. They do GREAT WORK in disability cases and I know they can keep it up. I will be referring them anyone who needs a top-notch disability lawyer.

Successful Claim in New Kent for Cervical and Lumbar Injuries

I had cervical and lumbar spine injuries and could no longer work in New Kent, VA. I was denied disability, but Mr. Lutkenhaus won my case. He is a FABULOUS attorney. Rose, his assistant, was a GODSEND and very down to earth. They stuck with me and I have recommended his firm to all my friends with disabilities. – Christalyn Hall

Disability in Mechanicsville due to Cervical Fusion

I injured my neck in Mechanicsville and required a cervical fusion. Another lawyer recommended Mr. Lutkenhaus. He won my Disability case. We definitely need more lawyers like Mr. Lutkenhaus. – C. Minor

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Pulmonary / Emphysema

Disability in Warsaw due to Pulmonary Problems

I could no longer work in Warsaw, VA because I could not breathe. A friend said Jerry was good Social Security Lawyer so I went to him. He got me my Disability when we went in front of the judge. – David Anderson

Approved for Disability in Chester for Emphysema

I live in Chester, VA and can’t work anymore because of emphysema and other problems. Jerry won my case because he really knows Social Security Disability. – Bobbie Adams

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Disability in Farmville for Stroke

I am 43 years old and suffered a stroke in Farmville, VA. Social Security denied my Disability claim on the grounds I could improve. I could not even go to the bathroom without assistance and my left side was paralyzed. I called Jerry Lutkenhaus and he worked with my doctors and my caseworker. He was able to show I could not do my customer service work. He did a WONDERFUL JOB for me. – R. Shelton

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Disability Appeal to Federal Court

Mr. Lutkenhaus represented me in a Disability case. He had to appeal 3 times and take it to Federal Court, but he won. I would recommend him to those who are in need of a great Disability lawyer in Virginia. Mr. Lutkenhaus is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE about Social Security Disability. He never gives up! – V. McLeod

Disability for Louisa Husband and Wife

I wish there were more attorneys like Mr. Lutkenhaus. I sincerely thank him for obtaining disability for my wife and me. I have recommended him to other people in Louisa County, VA, and I continue to do so. – Lester Adams

Disability for Critically Ill Husband in Sandston

My husband and I would like to thank Mr. Lutkenhaus and Rose for being there when my husband was critically ill and we had no income. Mr. Lutkenhaus represented me for a Virginia Workers’ Compensation accident I had in Sandston, VA. He represented my husband on his Social Security Disability and Virginia State Retirement (VRS). He showed great concern and worked for us in a very professional way. Words cannot express my gratitude. – Mrs. G. Crist

Long Fight for Disability is Worth It

I had been trying for years to get disability. Then a coworker recommended Mr. Lutkenhaus and he won. I was very pleased and I recommend him. – E.W. Spratley

Workers’ Comp and Disability after Appealing to Federal Court

I got hurt on the job in Chesterfield, VA. Mr. Lutkenhaus settled my workers’ comp claim and then won my Social Security Disability case after appealing it to federal court. He is VERY EXPERIENCED lawyer! – E. Croker

Four Years of Back Benefits after Appeal

I had lost my Disability claim all the way to the U.S. District Court. But Mr. Lutkenhaus took my case and won it after it was remanded for another hearing. He got me over FOUR YEARS of back benefits! – N. Sims

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