Workers’ Compensation Testimonials

THE VIRGINIA STATE BAR RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT REQUIRE ALL ATTORNEYS TO MAKE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT AND DISCLAIMER TO THEIR CASE RESULTS: Settlements and verdicts in all cases depend on various factors and circumstances, which are unique to each case. Therefore, past results in cases are not a guarantee or prediction of similar results in future cases which Mr. Lutkenhaus may undertake.


$150,000 Settlement for Shoulder Injury in Petersburg

I was pushing a 400-pound cabinet at work in Petersburg, VA and injured my right shoulder. I couldn’t continue in that job, but I did find a light duty job. I called Jerry Lutkenhaus to help me with my case. He kept me on partial weekly compensation until he was able to work out a settlement for $150,000. He did a GREAT JOB for me. – T. Wilson

500 Weeks of Compensation and $125,000 Settlement for Loss of Use of Both Shoulders

I injured my right shoulder in New Kent, VA in a work accident. Due to this injury, I overused my left shoulder and injured it also. Mr. Lutkenhaus got me 500 weeks of compensation and a settlement for $125,000.00 based on the loss of use of both my shoulders. I was VERY PLEASED with the way he and his staff handled my case. I don't think he has any room for improvement. – H. Grimm

Flight Attendant Mishap Yields Seven Years of Compensation and Favorable Settlement

I injured my left arm pulling the airplane door shut in New Kent, VA. I contacted Mr. Lutkenhaus for representation. He and his assistant Rose fought for me and obtained seven years of compensation and a FAVORABLE SETTLEMENT of my case. – E. Gray

Chesterfield Butcher Accident Results in Favorable Settlement

I injured my arm as a butcher in Chesterfield County, and I could not continue my occupation. The vocational counselor hired by the insurer tried to put me in a light duty job, but I was in too much pain to do it. Mr. Lutkenhaus managed to obtain a favorable Virginia Workers’ Compensation settlement for me. – Donald Smith

Petersburg Truck Accident Returns Top Notch Settlement for Injured Worker

I injured my left shoulder in a trucking accident in Petersburg, VA. I heard Mr. Lutkenhaus knew Virginia workers’ compensation law, and he does. He got me a great settlement and he is TOP NOTCH. – Donald Smith

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Severe Back Injury Yields 500 Weeks of Compensation, a $150,000 Settlement, and Disability Benefits

I had a back injury at work in Blackstone, VA that rendered me so disabled I could barely walk. Mr. Lutkenhaus got me 500 weeks of temporary total workers’ compensation, a $150,000 settlement of permanent total workers’ compensation, and Social Security Disability benefits. He is the only reason I am alive today and can support my wife. I have referred all my friends to him. I even referred my son to him so he could handle his case. – W. Kierson

Jerry Got Me Ten Years of Compensation for my Back Injury

I injured myself in a fall from a ladder in Ruther Glen, VA. My case was unique, and Jerry represented me for years to get the most he could for me out of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation system. Jerry got me compensation benefits for 10 years for this injury I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him and his staff to people needing help with Virginia injuries and disabilities.

Back Injury in Farmville Yields $286,000

I injured my back as a counter clerk in Farmville, VA and developed a severe pain problem. Mr. Lutkenhaus worked out a $286,000.00 settlement for me. – V. Brown

Fall at Work in Ashland Generates $250,000 Settlement

I fell at work in Ashland, VA and injured my back. I had to leave Virginia and return to my home in Kentucky. Mr. Lutkenhaus took my case and recovered a Virginia Workers’ Compensation settlement of $250,000 for me. – W. Smith

Freak Trucker Accident in Mechanicsville Returns $250,000

I had a freak accident when wind blew me off my truck. I suffered a severe back injury and had to leave Virginia to return home to Kentucky. All I asked Lutkenhaus to do was to protect my rights. Three years later, I was awarded a $250,000 workers’ compensation settlement. Why take a chance by selecting another workers’ comp firm? Jerry Lutkenhaus has done the best job for me. I thank him for his HARD WORK and the kindness shown me by him and his staff. I thank them from my heart to their hearts forever and always. – Wayne Adams

$150,000 for Second Work Accident in Petersburg

I injured my back lifting a heavy box at work in Goochland, VA. I tried to return, but the company could not come up with a light duty job that I could do. Jerry helped me get me a settlement of $125,000. – J. Lancaster

Accident in Colonial Heights Yields $93,000 Settlement for Back Injury and $6,000 per Year for Lifetime Medical Expenses

I injured my back in a work accident in Colonial Heights, VA. I was VERY IMPRESSED by Mr. Lutkenhaus and his paralegal, Rose. She really is a rose. He got me a Virginia Workers’ Compensation settlement of $93,000.00 plus $6,000.00 a year for life for my prescriptions. I am very pleased. – Marcus Brown

Back Injury in Emporia

I became disabled due to a back injury in Emporia, VA. Then I developed bone cancer. Mr. Lutkenhaus managed to obtain a favorable settlement of my workers’ compensation claim. He managed to get me some money even though I do not have long to live due to my cancer. – C. Tatum

Midlothian Work Accident Resolved at Court of Appeals

I had a back injury at work in Midlothian, VA. Mr. Lutkenhaus appealed to the Virginia Court of Appeals, and he did a wonderful job resolving it. – T. Masterson

Workers’ Comp Settlement and Social Security for Back Injury and Learning Disability

I had a back injury at work in Charlottesville, VA. It couldn’t return to work even light duty due to the pain and my learning disability. But Mr. Lutkenhaus worked out a settlement of my workers’ comp claim and also got me Social Security Disability. He did a WONDERFUL JOB! – Carey Wilson

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Brain Injury due to Petersburg Animal Attack Yields Over $5,000,000

I suffered a brain injury and stroke in an animal attack as a trainer in Petersburg, VA. My 500 weeks of temporary total compensation weeks was running out. Jerry got me a lifetime settlement worth more than $5,000,000. I thought my life was over and he saved me. – R. Smith

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Death Benefits

Petersburg Work Truck Accident Yields Favorable Settlement

My husband died in a motor vehicle accident while working in Petersburg, VA. The insurance company claimed the accident could not be explained since no one knew why my husband's vehicle ran off the road. Mr. Lutkenhaus got me a good settlement by showing my husband was entitled to the Virginia Death Presumption. – C. Jones

Death Claim for Wood Chipper Accident in Chesterfield, VA

My son Emilio died in wood chipper accident at work in Chesterfield, VA. The machine malfunctioned and killed him. I am very poor and live in Mexico. I depended upon Emilio for support. The insurance company did not want to pay workers’ comp death benefits, so I contacted Mr. Lutkenhaus. He filed a Claim for Benefits with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. Before the hearing, the insurer agreed to a settlement. I thank Mr. Lutkenhaus every day! – Mrs. Santiago

Chesterfield Death Claim Results in $150,000 Settlement

My husband died in a van at work in Chesterfield, VA. The insurance company denied the claim saying it was an accident that could not be explained. I went to Mr. Lutkenhaus and he did a wonderful job investigating the case. He managed to find a woman who witnessed the accident. He obtained a $150,000 Virginia Workers’ Compensation settlement for me. – C. Denton

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Leg / Foot / Knee

Knee Injury for Richmond Mechanic Results in $240,000 Settlement

I injured my knee working as an automotive mechanic. As a result, I could not do that work anymore. I contacted Jerry Lutkenhaus for help. He filed a Claim for Benefits with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. He got me the maximum weekly benefit. He also got me new vocational training as a long-distance truck driver. He then worked out a deal to settle of the rest of my claim for $240,000.00. I was THRILLED with the service I received from Jerry and his staff. They were WONDERFUL to work with. – George Thomas

Ashland Tractor Driver Settles Rollover Accident for $185,000

My tractor rolled over on a hill at work in Ashland, VA. I suffered a foot injury and broken pelvis. I couldn’t walk or work, but the insurance company wasn't paying me any money for my lost wages. They were not helping me, so a Farmville attorney referred me to the best workers’ comp lawyer he knew. I called Lutkenhaus and left a message. He quickly called back and took my case. He got me weekly compensation checks for two years, got my medical bills paid for three operations on my foot, and finally settled my claim for $185,000. I am back and work now and am TRULY GRATEFUL to Lutkenhaus and his firm! – Billy Sparks

Favorable Settlement after Work Truck Accident in Louisa

On the way to a business meeting in Louisa, VA, I hit a deer and ran off the road. I injured my knee and pelvis, but the employer denied I was on a company errand. I could not do my old job due to the constant bending. Jerry FOUGHT FOR ME and obtained a very favorable settlement. – C. Wilson

Mechanicsville Nurse Settles Knee Injury

I injured my right knee while working as an RN in Mechanicsville, VA. I was unable to continue my profession. I contacted Mr. Lutkenhaus and he and his assistant Rose took my case. He was able to get me compensation for my injury and finally a great settlement. I wish there were more lawyers like him around. – S. Smith

$100,000 Settlement for a Loss of Job in Midlothian due to Bad Knee

I injured my knee at work in Midlothian, VA. I tried to return to work at the pharmacy, but I no longer could do the standing that was required. I went to Mr. Lutkenhaus. He got me weekly workers’ compensation for my injury and finally he obtained a $100,000.00 settlement of my case. – B. Kendrick

Successful Appeal regarding Fall from Ladder in Hanover

I fell from a ladder and crushed my foot while working in Hanover, VA. My employer denied coverage saying I was an independent contractor. Jerry beat them and won my case on appeal. He got me Virginia Workers’ Compensation benefits and got over $100,000.00 in medical bills paid. – Mr. Reed

Won Case for Tractor Trailer Accident in Williamsburg

I had a foot injury while driving a tractor-trailer in Williamsburg, VA. My employer disputed my accident and my disability, but Mr. Lutkenhaus won my case. – Mr. Gwaltney

Great Settlement for Leg Injury in Chester

Jerry represented me on a Virginia workers’ comp leg injury and obtained a great settlement. He was in touch all the time and kept me informed.– Russell Lewis

Permanent Partial Disability for Knee Injury at Work in Crewe

My husband had a knee injury in Crewe, VA. Mr. Lutkenhaus was fortunate enough to get a permanent impairment rating from the doctor before my husband passed away. Mr. Lutkenhaus was able to get me my husband’s permanent partial disability benefits even after his death. I couldn't imagine a better job than what Mr. Lutkenhaus did. – Shelby Hodge

Won Workers’ Compensation and Disability after Appealing to Federal Court

I hurt both of my knees on the job in Chesterfield, VA. Mr. Lutkenhaus settled my workers’ comp claim and then won my Social Security Disability case after appealing it to federal court. He is a VERY EXPERIENCED lawyer! – E. Croker

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$400,000 after Blackstone Truck Accident and Five Cervical/Lumbar Fusions

Jerry did a WONDERFUL JOB for me for my back and neck injury. I was injured in a truck accident in Blackstone, VA but moved to Texas. He got my back surgery paid for me and then worked out a settlement for $400,000.00. I was severely disabled after five surgeries and this will help me for the rest of my life. – W. Morris

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Occupational Disease

Chesterfield Nurse with Reactive Airway Disease Gets $250,000

Due to my work as a nurse in Chesterfield, I contracted reactive airway disease. I tried light duty work but could not do it and had to file a claim for Virginia Workers’ Compensation. I contacted the Lutkenhaus firm and they did a wonderful job. I know they are caring people and that is why they do a good job. In addition to my $250,000 settlement, he arranged for me to keep my medical care, which I need for my disease. – Donna Smith

Great Settlement for Baker’s Asthma

I was a baker in Henrico, VA until I developed baker's asthma and I could barely breathe. Jerry was able to get a GREAT SETTLEMENT from the insurance company for me. – M. Broaddus

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Post-Traumatic Headaches

Goochland man Wins $100,000 Settlement for Headaches

I was rear ended by another vehicle on my job site in Goochland, VA. The insurer tried to cut off my compensation but Mr. Lutkenhaus fought them off. He got me a $100,000.00 Virginia Workers’ Compensation settlement for post-traumatic headaches. – M. Charity

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Petersburg Nursing Accident Yields Favorable Settlement

I slipped and fell at work, suffering an arm injury. I tried to return to my job as an operating room nurse in Petersburg, but my injury turned into painful Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and I could not use my arm anymore. The insurer sent me to their doctor, who basically said the pain was all in my head and I should be able to work. I contacted Lutkenhaus for help. He fought their doctor and kept me on compensation until I got a settlement. He and his staff MET EVERY EXPECTATION. They always returned phone calls and kept me abreast of everything going on my case. I would never dream of calling any other workers’ comp lawyer. – Pam Barbour

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Robbed and Stabbed Seven Times at Work in Williamsburg

I was stabbed 7 times in and left for dead by robbers at work in Williamsburg, VA. As a result I could not work, but the insurer denied my claim. A man told me to call a good attorney and gave Jerry Lutkenhaus’ card. He won my case, and I will recommend him to others needing representation. – J. Castro

Shot Three Times at Work in Charles City

I was shot three times by an intruder at work in Charles City, VA. The insurance company said the shooting was not work-related. Mr. Lutkenhaus proved them wrong and won my case. – R. Fisher

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Won Compensation and $154,000 in Medical Bills for Farmville Car Accident

I had multiple injuries from a motor vehicle accident while working in Farmville, VA. The insurance company claimed I was not at work or on company business in Farmville. Jerry took my case and proved my errand was company business. Winning the case meant the insurer had to pay my past and future compensation. They also had to pay for $154,000 in incurred medical bills and any future medical bills. – P. Jones

Jerry Proved Marijuana did Not Cause my Fall at Work in Bowling Green

I fell from a scaffold at work in Bowling Green, VA, injuring my head and wrist. My Virginia workers’ compensation claim was denied because I had recently smoked marijuana. Mr. Lutkenhaus proved the marijuana had nothing to do with my fall and serious injury. – S. Travis

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