How Much Is My Workers' Comp Claim Settlement Worth?

Getting hurt on the job can lead to missed time from work and expensive medical bills. Workers' compensation allows injured employees to seek recovery for lost wages while out of work and for medical expenses, but how do you get there and how much is your claim worth?

Throughout my 35-plus years of experience as a workers' compensation lawyer in Virginia, I have answered these questions many times. It is important to remember that your case is unique to your injury and your family's lifestyle. No one can guarantee the outcome of your case, but certain factors could play a large role in your workers' comp settlement, including:

  • Age
  • Current compensation rate
  • Cost of ongoing authorized medical care
  • Ability to return to work
  • Employer retaliation

Will The Insurer Make A Settlement Offer?

After an accident on the job, you may struggle to provide for yourself and your family. The insurer knows this and could offer you a settlement. However, that offer could seriously undermine the value of your claim.

Speak with me when you are confronted with a workers' compensation claim. As an attorney, I take all cases involving severe workplace injuries no matter what stage in the claims process.

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