What To Do After A Work Injury

An injury on the job can derail the livelihood of you and your family. When you are unable to work, my priority is to put you on track toward receiving workers' compensation benefits for your injury.

Achieving recovery can be a long process for some, but I am here to help you every step of the way. With more than 35 years of experience as an attorney, I am ready to guide you through the Virginia workers' compensation claims process.

Follow The Guidance Of Gerald Lutkenhaus

After experiencing a workplace accident, follow these steps to begin your recovery:

  1. Tell your employer about your injury. Prompt reporting of your work accident and injury is important to track how and when it happened. Some injuries might seem minor at first but develop into a more serious problem later. Waiting until it might get better can actually make your injury worse and put you at risk of getting medical care and compensation denied by the insurer.
  2. Fill out an accident report. It is important to immediately document with your employer the correct date, time, and nature of the work accident as well as injured body parts.
  3. Seek authorized medical attention. Ask your employer which medical providers are authorized by the workers' compensation insurer. The insurer is not required to pay for non authorized medical care. Get the doctor to state in writing the diagnosis, history of the work accident, work status (out of work, light-duty restrictions, or full duty no restrictions), and treatment plan.

Call Me For Help After A Work Injury

Unfortunately, your employer may not have your best interest in mind after a work injury. As a lawyer, I pride myself on being responsive to your every need. Contact me at my Richmond office today for a free evaluation of your case 804-554-3168 or by sending an email.